Monday, June 29, 2015

Before i go to bed.
Attempting to sleep.
I thought i would talk you.
The people of the world.
I don't know how many of you people are in a deep relationship.
And what i mean by that is that marriage will soon follow.
But since i was a little girl i was taught that love is valuable.
And limitless.
I was told i could love anyone i wanted.
I dreamt about growing old with various people.
It didn't matter.
It didn't matter what sex i chose.
I always ended up happy.
So from a very young age i was very accepting to all kinds of love.
realizing that love is not determined by a man and a women,
I knew that love was deeper than that.
More complex than what we were being taught.
Growing up like this lead me to believing everyone had the right to spend the rest of their lives with the person they loved.
And have it be official.
Legalized and protected.
It took me time to realize others views.
I took the time to try and understand their reasoning for denying people these rights.
But for the life of me i could not understand it.
Much Less agree to their views.
I found it bizarre.
That people could fear the legal recognition of peoples love.
it didn't make sense to me,
That people had to fight,
Fight for their love and their rights,
I supported them.
I voiced my opinions.
I helped the fight for love.
Now i do believe we have won,
This date will live on in history.
For on this date love was recognized.
In the United States of America.
Love is now recognized and protected.
My friend can marry his boyfriend.
My friend can dream about marrying her crush legally.
My friend can marry her girlfriend.
This is a new age.
Powered by emotion.
Now i bid you all goodnight,
And i hope you all rest well knowing that you can love who you please.
And grow old with who you love.

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