Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hello everyone. 
I hope you have all been well.
I wanted to apologize for my absence. 
Life is demanding. 
I used to think teachers were demanding.
Parents were demanding. 
Then i realized that those demands don't compare to what life demands of you. 
Life is a beautiful challenge.
we all have challenges in our lives. 
Some are larger than others.
Some are smaller than others.
No matter the magnitude. 
They are all challenges. 
'That we must conquer. 
And they all demand we succeed. 
Or fail.
I enjoy a challenge. 
I never like to feel that i am not over coming my potential. 
I like pushing my boundaries,
If you don't test yourself then who will. 
How are you to prove yourself if you don't challenge yourself.
Although some challenges have negative effects on our lives. 
Others are quite positive in the outcome. 
They show people that you are strong. 
Strong enough to exceed you potential. 
People like to see others succeed.
Or fail trying. 
Next time a challenge presents itself. 
Don't let it pass.
Hold on to it.
Try to over come the challenge that faces you. 
The power to try has astonishing benefits. 
Don't surpass the opportunity to show people what you are made of.
Nothing is more hurtful than being under estimated. 
Refuse to be underestimated. 
You are worth more. 

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