Sunday, June 28, 2015

Well look at that 11;02pm on a sunday night.
Any other normal person would be sound asleep by now.
Lucky for you, i am of course not what society deems normal.
If i was i certainly would not be writing this blog.
I am in fact a teenager.
Which means very little sleep is required.
This allows me a plethora of time to dwell on things.
Someone who will remain anonymous, told me this year that i was powerful.
I greatly doubted them.
I mean i am not physically strong, never have been never will be.
And my mental strength is dismal in comparison.
So this prompted me to ask why this person thought of me as powerful.
They answered.
this is what they told me.
People think  that vocalization is the only way to win a fight, i believe that our power is not determined by our voices but by the power of our thoughts.
I took what they said in to very heavy consideration for a moment.
Keep in mind that this person knows me very well.
They know me better than anyone else does.
They took the time to memorize me.
So i had no doubt when i realized what they meant.
They wanted me to use my brain and my written word to change something.
The something that i am going to change is yet to be determined.
But they saw something in me.
They knew that i was powerful.
They also saw that i had a purpose.
They could see that i didn't realize it, till now.
I came to an assumption.
Powerful people, powerful yes, but they can not make a change, But powerful people who know they are powerful, well those people are unstoppable.
So here i am trying to make a change using my mind.
I have been told that we are all here because we have a purpose.
I have also been told that my purpose is to change something.
Here i am.
Making a change.
So what is your purpose.
Maybe you don't know yet.
I know that i am still testing the waters of mine.
This may not be all of what life holds for me.
But i intend to found out.
And help people along the way.
That is why i am writing this all down.
I am here.
I am here for you.
This is my journey of experiencing life and leaving my mark.
But you are welcome along for the ride.

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