Monday, June 29, 2015

Here we go. 
Its a Monday,approximately 1:01.
And i told you yesterday that i would try to talk to you about something very frightening.  
A human creation. 
That has evolved over time. 
Into this monstrous template, that we are told our lives have to conform to.
We are told that if we want to be valued, if we want our opinions to be valued. 
Then we must conform. 
This conformist lifestyle is drilled in to our brains from the time we are born. 
Our parents wanting to protect us from the cruelty that follows when we do not conform.
All they want for us ios to be happy. 
But when you have to choose between your happiness and others happiness. 
I choice my happiness.
And if that means defying society.
Then so be it. 
You should never be afraid.
When it comes down to it. 
Then choose whatever makes you happy.
And if that means breaking the uptight rules and regulations of this terrifyingly controlling society.
Then go for it. 
Break down the limiting walls of the society that keeps you chained up.
break free.
And show society what it means to be yourself. 
Society is a scary place created by scared people. 
Trying to bring order and organization to life. 
But you can not limit or control life. 
Life is yours.
Not a society that requires you to be someone built to perfection.
Never feel limited.
Never feel like you are being controlled.
Youre not.
You decide what you want to do. 
And do it.
Society maybe scary.
But you are in control of it.  
Change society to your criteria. 
Its your life. 
Your decision. 

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