Sunday, June 28, 2015

I couldn't wait.
I wanted to continue talking to you.
All of you.
People of the vast world.
Immensely complicated.
Clearly simple.
Dreams tend to confuse us and guide us, all at once.
People claim that dreams are signs.
Signs that warn them.
Show them the way, leading them.
Reassuring them.
Dreams comfort us.
we adore them.
They can fill us with deep joy.
Letting us experience things that we may never get to do in reality.
Showing us new realities.
That we could not fathom when we are awake.
For when we are awake we are in society.
Society is a discussion for yet another meeting.
 During my fourteen years of life i have learned that there is an escape from reality.
A simple solution really.
Day dreams.
One of the things that brings me joy in my life.
Day dreaming allows you to slip in to your own reality.
I for one, can not stand the majority of people i interact with on a daily basis.
Many i am sure are wonderful people.
In fact i am positive that they are grand people.
But their company at that moment is simply not wanted, much less needed.
En thus a daydream in sues.
Daydreams are a thing of beauty.
They allow you the simple pleasure of being alone.
Even when you are in a crowded society.
So, the next time you find yourself wishing you were somewhere other than where you find yourself.
Then all you have to do is simply dream.
Your imagination is vast.
complex and intellectual.
I am positive that you can create something of comfort to you.
Just think.
And dream.

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