Saturday, July 18, 2015

Its 4:30pm.
On a saturday.
And i can't help but look back at where i was a while ago.
Love played a big part of it
Love is very powerful.
And people are strong.
Love and people work together.
people are interdependent with love.
People love.
People love lots of things.
Some things bigger than others.
Some things smaller than others.
But they are all important.
People can love a plethora of things.
They love ridiculous things.
They can love things that hurt them.
Or things that make them happy.
Including other people.
People can make people happy.
And they can also degrade people.
yet we always yearn for it.
Having people to love is vitally important.
When we feel alone we are left with our thoughts.
Don't get me wrong being with your thoughts is very good.
Healthy as well.
But it can be dangerous when you are feeling alone.
Feeling alone.
feeling alone is one of the most painful feelings.
When you are alone you doubt yourself.
Self doubt is powerful.
Terrifying even.
One of the most powerful emotions.
One of the most devastating.
It takes a lot to overcome.
We usually look to people to help us overcome it.
Yes it takes a lot.
And it takes a very strong person.
A loving person.
Sometimes you don't even have to know them.
You just have to feel connected.
Its important that you can relate to this person.
I have doubted myself before.
Degraded myself.
I shut down.
Closed myself off.
All because i don't think i was good enough.
i was desperate.
Desperate to feel connected to someone.
I found this through writing.
Specifically poetry.
That is how i found her.
The girl that i connected with.
The girl that saved me.
Sparked a feeling and connection in me.
Through a poem.
Body love.
This women that inspired me to keep trying,
To fight for my worth.
This women that made me realize i am beautiful.
Mary Lambert.
I can't put her beauty into words.
And i truly cant describe how powerful; her performance was.
It changed me.
changed the way i look at life.
And the way i look at and understand other people.
I want to finish up saying thank you.
Thank you Mary Lambert.
Thank you.

Monday, July 13, 2015

It's 11:20.
On a Monday night.
And I was thinking.
One of the things that causes pain in our lives are.
They can cause tremendous pain.
They can be broken.
And it seems when they are broken.
The result for someone is usually pain.
Or utter shock.
Because usually.
The person simply assumes that things are going to stay the same indefinitely.
They rather stay on the perfect world they have created for themselves.
They rather drag people in.
Make them believe the same thing.
Live the same way.
It's absurd.
People are not supposed to live the same way.
We are not copies.
We are originals.
And it is unexcepable.
It is unexcepable for people to push assumptions on people.
We should not be forced in to what is assumed to be the perfect lifestyle.
People are people.
So I dare you.
I dare you to defy these limiting assumptions.
Your life is yours.
Never let your self be limited by harsh assumptions.
It's not worth trying to impress people.
It's not worth trying to fit in to what is believed to be right.
Your happiness.
Your life.
And well being.
Are worth it.
So go out defy these assumptions.
I leave you with this challenge.
Just because you think of something as the right way.
Don't assume that that is how other people function.
Everyone is different.
Every life is different.
Goodnight readers.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Here we are.
On a Sunday night.
I am looking back at the day.
So many conversations.
So many disputed view.
One question remains unresolved.
Somebody asked me, just how big is a dream.
I paused.
Pondering the thought.
I love dreams adore them.
They bring you back on forgotten memories. 
They allow you to explore spances of space and time within a matter of hours.
And i find comfort in knowing that they are under my control.
But how much of my dream do i actually have control over.
Content yes.
The people i interact with yes.
But the size and mass capacity of m dream is out of my control.
Its amazing to think about that.
How big something that your brain portrays actually is. 
This lead me to think isn't your dream just an extension of your imagination. 
Some people think of imagination as a quality.
That some people have bigger better ones than their peers.
I am not one of those people.
I believe that everyone has a very vast intricate imagination.
Each capable of wonderful beautiful things.
But that it is up to the person to activate the imagination.
Exceed the imaginations potential.
The person has to be strong enough to explore and extend the capacity of their imagination.
This is what leads people to feel some imaginations are better than others.
But really the case is that some people can harness control and use their imaginations in ways that enable them to exceed the potential of their imaginations.
So as i said before hand. 
Everyone is equipped with a fully functioning imagination.
They are all given the tools on how to use it. 
All provided the opportunities to showcase their imaginations capacity.
Its just that some of us let those slip by.
Out of our hands.
But some of us take hold of them.
Use them to our advantage.
Use them as a steeping ladder to what we want to achieve.
So if we all have an imagination.
And we all do different things with them. 
And the bountiful ideas thoughts and desires that we conjure up never stop. 
Our imagination is infinite. 
And if it is true that our dreams are stunning extensions of our already brilliant imaginations. 
Then i believe the answer to the question is that dreams are as big as you believe they can be. 
And i let you go tonight with this thought. 
Infinity \is possible in your brain. 
Explore it. 
Control it.
Improve it.
Goodnight Readers.
Dream well.

Hello everyone. 
I hope you have all been well.
I wanted to apologize for my absence. 
Life is demanding. 
I used to think teachers were demanding.
Parents were demanding. 
Then i realized that those demands don't compare to what life demands of you. 
Life is a beautiful challenge.
we all have challenges in our lives. 
Some are larger than others.
Some are smaller than others.
No matter the magnitude. 
They are all challenges. 
'That we must conquer. 
And they all demand we succeed. 
Or fail.
I enjoy a challenge. 
I never like to feel that i am not over coming my potential. 
I like pushing my boundaries,
If you don't test yourself then who will. 
How are you to prove yourself if you don't challenge yourself.
Although some challenges have negative effects on our lives. 
Others are quite positive in the outcome. 
They show people that you are strong. 
Strong enough to exceed you potential. 
People like to see others succeed.
Or fail trying. 
Next time a challenge presents itself. 
Don't let it pass.
Hold on to it.
Try to over come the challenge that faces you. 
The power to try has astonishing benefits. 
Don't surpass the opportunity to show people what you are made of.
Nothing is more hurtful than being under estimated. 
Refuse to be underestimated. 
You are worth more.