Monday, June 29, 2015

Nobody likes to miss something.
Because that means that, that something is not with you. 
Whether it was taken from you.
Or you simply lost it.
It hurts. 
Missing something hurts. 
Because the thing you need is not with you. 
Some people feel guilty for missing something. 
Don't you ever feel guilty. 
Missing something means that you cared about it enough to miss its presence.
It means that, that thing wad important to you.
And missing that is nothing to feel guilty about. 
The pain of missing something is great enough it does not need help hurting you with guilt. 
Remember that , that thing you are missing was important. 
Don't try to forget it, whatever it may be it brought you joy. 
Forgetting what brought you joy, will not help you. 
Recognizing that you will no longer have that in your life is important. 
Physically that thing will not be there when you want or need it.
That is a fact. 
A sad fact. 
Never the less it is gone. 
It will not be there for you physically. 
That does not mean you will never feel that joy again.
That joy was important. 
Don't forget it.
Memorize it. 
What about it made you happy.
Take the time to memorize all of the small little details.
That once made it special. 
This time is vital.
Remembering what mad you happy is vital. 
There is no shame wanting to hold on to something. 
Those memories will be important to you. 
You will probably dwell on them. 
Thinking them over.
Altering them. 
Making them so they keep making you happy.
Although that this thing is gone. 
And will not return. 
Does not mean they are forgotten. 
And does not mean that they cant keep making you happy. 
Missing something is human. 
Never feel shameful for missing something. 
It brings you joy.
Joy is how you move on. 
Holding on is important. 
Although recognizing that moving on with out that thing is also equally important. 
When it comes down to it.
There is no need to pretend that this beautiful memory never happened. 
Remembering is holding on. 
There is no shame in that.

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