Saturday, July 18, 2015

Its 4:30pm.
On a saturday.
And i can't help but look back at where i was a while ago.
Love played a big part of it
Love is very powerful.
And people are strong.
Love and people work together.
people are interdependent with love.
People love.
People love lots of things.
Some things bigger than others.
Some things smaller than others.
But they are all important.
People can love a plethora of things.
They love ridiculous things.
They can love things that hurt them.
Or things that make them happy.
Including other people.
People can make people happy.
And they can also degrade people.
yet we always yearn for it.
Having people to love is vitally important.
When we feel alone we are left with our thoughts.
Don't get me wrong being with your thoughts is very good.
Healthy as well.
But it can be dangerous when you are feeling alone.
Feeling alone.
feeling alone is one of the most painful feelings.
When you are alone you doubt yourself.
Self doubt is powerful.
Terrifying even.
One of the most powerful emotions.
One of the most devastating.
It takes a lot to overcome.
We usually look to people to help us overcome it.
Yes it takes a lot.
And it takes a very strong person.
A loving person.
Sometimes you don't even have to know them.
You just have to feel connected.
Its important that you can relate to this person.
I have doubted myself before.
Degraded myself.
I shut down.
Closed myself off.
All because i don't think i was good enough.
i was desperate.
Desperate to feel connected to someone.
I found this through writing.
Specifically poetry.
That is how i found her.
The girl that i connected with.
The girl that saved me.
Sparked a feeling and connection in me.
Through a poem.
Body love.
This women that inspired me to keep trying,
To fight for my worth.
This women that made me realize i am beautiful.
Mary Lambert.
I can't put her beauty into words.
And i truly cant describe how powerful; her performance was.
It changed me.
changed the way i look at life.
And the way i look at and understand other people.
I want to finish up saying thank you.
Thank you Mary Lambert.
Thank you.

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