Sunday, July 12, 2015

Here we are.
On a Sunday night.
I am looking back at the day.
So many conversations.
So many disputed view.
One question remains unresolved.
Somebody asked me, just how big is a dream.
I paused.
Pondering the thought.
I love dreams adore them.
They bring you back on forgotten memories. 
They allow you to explore spances of space and time within a matter of hours.
And i find comfort in knowing that they are under my control.
But how much of my dream do i actually have control over.
Content yes.
The people i interact with yes.
But the size and mass capacity of m dream is out of my control.
Its amazing to think about that.
How big something that your brain portrays actually is. 
This lead me to think isn't your dream just an extension of your imagination. 
Some people think of imagination as a quality.
That some people have bigger better ones than their peers.
I am not one of those people.
I believe that everyone has a very vast intricate imagination.
Each capable of wonderful beautiful things.
But that it is up to the person to activate the imagination.
Exceed the imaginations potential.
The person has to be strong enough to explore and extend the capacity of their imagination.
This is what leads people to feel some imaginations are better than others.
But really the case is that some people can harness control and use their imaginations in ways that enable them to exceed the potential of their imaginations.
So as i said before hand. 
Everyone is equipped with a fully functioning imagination.
They are all given the tools on how to use it. 
All provided the opportunities to showcase their imaginations capacity.
Its just that some of us let those slip by.
Out of our hands.
But some of us take hold of them.
Use them to our advantage.
Use them as a steeping ladder to what we want to achieve.
So if we all have an imagination.
And we all do different things with them. 
And the bountiful ideas thoughts and desires that we conjure up never stop. 
Our imagination is infinite. 
And if it is true that our dreams are stunning extensions of our already brilliant imaginations. 
Then i believe the answer to the question is that dreams are as big as you believe they can be. 
And i let you go tonight with this thought. 
Infinity \is possible in your brain. 
Explore it. 
Control it.
Improve it.
Goodnight Readers.
Dream well.

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