Monday, July 13, 2015

It's 11:20.
On a Monday night.
And I was thinking.
One of the things that causes pain in our lives are.
They can cause tremendous pain.
They can be broken.
And it seems when they are broken.
The result for someone is usually pain.
Or utter shock.
Because usually.
The person simply assumes that things are going to stay the same indefinitely.
They rather stay on the perfect world they have created for themselves.
They rather drag people in.
Make them believe the same thing.
Live the same way.
It's absurd.
People are not supposed to live the same way.
We are not copies.
We are originals.
And it is unexcepable.
It is unexcepable for people to push assumptions on people.
We should not be forced in to what is assumed to be the perfect lifestyle.
People are people.
So I dare you.
I dare you to defy these limiting assumptions.
Your life is yours.
Never let your self be limited by harsh assumptions.
It's not worth trying to impress people.
It's not worth trying to fit in to what is believed to be right.
Your happiness.
Your life.
And well being.
Are worth it.
So go out defy these assumptions.
I leave you with this challenge.
Just because you think of something as the right way.
Don't assume that that is how other people function.
Everyone is different.
Every life is different.
Goodnight readers.

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