Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why do people feel the need to hide their beautiful differences?
I believe i have found the answer.
Differences scare people.
People believe that things must continue the way began.
Set in stone.
Its not supposed to differ.
From person to person.
It is supposed to be the same.
Supposed to be.
But people are brave.
We constantly test the limits of the normal.
Once we know the limits.
We break them.
We refuse to be limited.
By people who are scared.
Never ever be afraid.
Afraid of what scared people may think.
Its worrying yes.
But i promise you.
If you step outside the normal.
That tight plastic bubble of normal.
That suffocating feeling.
You have the capability.
The bravery inside of you.
To break out of the normal.
SAo please.
I am asking you.
A request really.
Don't limit your self.
I will leave it up to you to interpret.
Interpret what it means to you.
Because if i tell you.
I will be telling you how to free me.
Not yourself.
I will leave you to ponder that.
Goodbye dear readers.

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